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Leather iPhone Case

Leather iPhone Case

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Applicable brands: Apple

Style: M2 magnetic card bag phone case

Material: PU

Style: Europe and America

Colour: black, light brown, brown, green, red

Applicable models: IP14 Pro Max (bottom case + card case), IP14 Pro (bottom case + card case), IP14 Max (bottom case + card case), IP14 (bottom case + card case), IP13 Pro Max (bottom case + card case) Card case), IP13 Pro (bottom case + card case), IP13 (bottom case + card case), IP13 mini (bottom case + card case), IP12 Pro Max (bottom case + card case), IP12/IP12 Pro (bottom case + card case) Shell + card case), IP11 Pro Max (bottom case + card case), IP11 Pro (bottom case + card case), IP11 (bottom case + card case), IPXS MAX (bottom case + card case), IPXR (bottom case + card case), IPX/XS (bottom case + card case), 7P/8P (bottom case + card case), i7/i8/SE2/SE3 (bottom case + card case)

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