Q. How can I make an Order?

Answer. You can simply make an order on our online platform by simply browsing through the products and adding to you shopping cart the items you wish to buy, then proceed in making the order with your Email.

Q. Why should I buy online?

Answer. Buying online speeds up the process of picking what you wish to buy, buying online makes the payment process faster and it´s cheaper to buy online.

Q. Can I ask for a refund after receiving the item.

Answer. Yes, you can very much ask for a full refund, However you have to meet all the condition in order to be eligible for a refund although we always make exceptions because our customers always come first.

Q. Will I pay extra Charges when I receive my order?

Answer. NO, You do not have to pay any additional charge or charges when you receive your order, we have taken care of all that so our customers can enjoy shopping with us.