About Us

      Have you ever seen a simple object or an item made by very simple but complex and high thinking minds with the aim for solving a specific problem or completing a task? Well that is where we at zandapro comes in.

      We are here to bring to your door steps new and modern innovation to make every aspects of life easier, smoother and most importantly to relief stress of performing any task. 

      All of our products be it electronics or simple made Gadget/Accessories, are made by smart thinking technical minds to perform tasks and solve specific problems for all those visit our online store. 

     We have not been around for so long, however we have put in a great amount of thought and time to deliver on every on every single aspect we have mentioned above.

     If you ask who we are, we are just simple and normal people who found out with a little tool performing those simple tasks in our lives for us we can have more relaxing and smoother life in every aspects including Working, Cooking, Having Fun etc.